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HPC Fire – Made in USA!

In the gas fire pit burner industry, HPC Fire showcases the clear benefits of domestic manufacturing. Rooted deeply in the “Made in USA” ethos, HPC Fire offers more than just high-end products; it provides an assurance of quality, durability, and… Continue Reading →

How Hot Does a Gas Fire Pit Burner Pan Get?

When people set out to build a DIY gas fire pit or fire table, a common question arises: “How hot will the burner pan get?” And it’s a good one to ask so that you can make wise choices about… Continue Reading →

Gas Orifice Sizes for Outdoor Gas Fire Pits: A Comprehensive Guide

This brief guide covers everything you need to know about using the correct gas orifice for your DIY gas fire pit. You’ll discover what a gas orifice is, how it differs between propane and natural gas, and finally, how to… Continue Reading →

How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas?

Converting a wood-burning fire pit to gas will involve a few changes to the basic structure. There will also be some upfront costs and if you’re converting to natural gas, it will require the services of a licensed gas installer…. Continue Reading →

11 Safety Checks for Your Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor gas fire pits are fun and convenient, but you should never lose sight of the fact that they are gas appliances and should be treated with caution. Therefore, a few safety checks are always a good idea to ensure… Continue Reading →

How to Select the Right Fire Pit Media for Your Design

Once you’ve settled on all the basics for your gas fire pit or fire table, it’s time to have a little fun. Fire media is the finishing touch, and you have a number of options. Fire media is the name… Continue Reading →

DIY Gas Fire Pit Design Considerations

A well-designed gas fire pit takes many factors into consideration, from legal to landscape. But it’s worth the effort because a well-executed fire pit can potentially add value to your home, helping to offset the cost of your project. Take… Continue Reading →

How Much Does a DIY Gas Fire Pit Cost?

A DIY gas fire pit can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on your requirements and design. A basic gas fire pit can be built for as little as $500. However, if… Continue Reading →

How Long Do Custom Gas Fire Pits Last?

The quality of materials and the craftsmanship in a custom fire pit give it far more lasting power than its cheap counterparts sold online and at big box stores. A custom gas fire pit can outlast you and your home… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of a Celestial Lifetime Warranty

The Celestial Lifetime Limited Warranty allows you to purchase our products with confidence. If you should get a “lemon,” or your item is damaged during shipping, it’s reassuring to know you’ll get a replacement free of charge. We’re a U.S.-based… Continue Reading →

What is the Celestial No-Fault Glass Protection Plan

The Celestial No-Fault Glass Protection Plan safeguards your glass flame guard investment against accidental breakage—no matter the reason. No questions asked. Some fire pit owners hesitate to buy a glass flame guard knowing it will be outside in the elements—all… Continue Reading →

DIY Gas Fire Pit Burner Buying Guide

Building a DIY gas fire pit will be a large investment of both your time and money. Minimize your risk by identifying what’s important when shopping for a gas fire pit burner.  There are a lot of companies out there,… Continue Reading →

Is a Wood Fire Pit Better Than a Gas Fire Pit?

Wood fire pits and gas fire pits have their own pros and cons. As to which is better, it may be more a question of what’s available to you and if can you afford it. Fire Pit Limitations First of… Continue Reading →

What Is an Ethanol Fire Pit Burner?

An ethanol fire pit burner is a quick and easy way to add a gas fire feature to your backyard. Ethanol burners use an alcohol-based fuel made with plant by-products. They are simple to install and less dangerous than their… Continue Reading →

Does a Gas Fire Pit Burner Pan Expand Due to Heat?

Yes! Fire pit burner pans will expand when they get hot. It’s important to allow enough room in your fire pit tabletop to accommodate this expansion. How Much Does a Fire Pit Burner Pan Expand? Fire pit burner pans expand… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Have a Licensed Gas Installer Make Your Gas Fire Pit Connections

You should always hire a certified gas installer for home improvement projects if you value your life and home. A licensed gas professional is trained and tested on their knowledge. They work with the gas every day. You can trust… Continue Reading →

Why is My Propane Regulator Frozen?

A frozen propane regulator can be a sign of a very serious issue.  When we get questions about this problem, it is usually because the caller has the propane tank positioned on its side in order to fit in a… Continue Reading →

Freezing Propane Tank – Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

A propane tank will freeze if there isn’t enough heat to convert the liquid propane into gas in a process called vaporization. The heat typically comes from the ambient air, but if it’s too cold outside or the liquid-to-surface ratio… Continue Reading →

How to Add Fire Glass to Your Gas Fireplace

Can I Add Fire Glass to My Gas Fireplace? Yes! If you currently have lava rocks in your fireplace; you can replace them and add fire glass to your gas fireplace instead. The answer is no if you have the… Continue Reading →

How to Winterize Your Gas Fire Pit

Unless you live in a mild climate, you will need to winterize your gas fire pit or fire table to get them ready for winter. Failing to prepare could cause severe damage to your fire feature, or at the very… Continue Reading →

See How These Artists Work Fire Glass Into Their Resin Geode Art (Prepare To Be Dazzled!)

Although our fire glass is most often used to brighten and beautify outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, we’re constantly amazed at all the alternative ways customers use it. Available in a dazzling array of colors, our shimmery glass is sought… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Custom Cabinet for Your Gas Fire Pit Table

Basically, building a gas fire table is as simple as building a box. If you can handle that level of construction, you are most of the way there. Certainly, there are some designs that are more complicated and involved than… Continue Reading →

DIY Concrete Tabletops – The Latest Trend in Gas Fire Tables

Concrete countertops have been a hot trend in kitchens for a while now. It only makes sense the idea would migrate to the outdoors. And it’s not just for outdoor kitchens either. It is becoming a popular choice for building… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

Building a gas fire pit is a very doable DIY project, but there are many things you’ll want to think through before loading up your “cart” with items. The following information should answer any questions you might have, and some… Continue Reading →

Gas Line Sizing for Outdoor Fire Pits

The purpose of this article is to give you some general knowledge about the sizing of gas lines for your gas fire pit or fire table. Your licensed gas installer will evaluate your goals to determine the exact piping requirements… Continue Reading →

Does a Custom Gas Fire Pit Increase My Home Value?

The answer seems to be yes. A gas fire pit will increase the value of your home but, you won’t make money on it. However, it’s one amenity you can add for your enjoyment and recoup the majority of your… Continue Reading →

How to Determine the Right Size Burner Pan for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

So, it’s time to pick your firepower? That means it’s time to take inventory of the space available for your fire feature, how you like to entertain, and your budget. When you first start planning—or more like, dreaming—about a fire… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Gas Fire Pit Contractor

There are a lot of companies claiming they can handle all of your landscape/hardscape needs, but not all are created equal. The following questions will help you narrow down the list. It should give you a good feel for their… Continue Reading →

CSA Certified Versus UL Listed for Gas Fire Pits

Is it better to have a CSA-certified fire pit or a UL-listed fire pit?  There is no difference in terms of safety. Either designation provides you with peace of mind that the item you have is safe to use. In… Continue Reading →

Why Does My Gas Fire Pit Flame Height Drop Over Time?

Dropping flame height is typically a cold weather problem for gas fire pits that use propane as their fuel source.  It is caused by the inability of the gas in the tank to vaporize at sufficient speed to fuel the… Continue Reading →

Why Does My Gas Fire Pit Keep Going Out?

When a fire pit keeps going out, the cause is almost always the flame-sensing thermocouple. If the flame goes out immediately after you light your fire pit, this is an indication that the thermocouple isn’t sensing the flame and it’s turning… Continue Reading →

Propane Tank Design Considerations for a Gas Fire Pit

There are several things to consider when planning your DIY propane gas fire pits, such as BTU output and capacity; type and location of the tank; and basic propane safety principles.  In this article, we’ll walk you through the options… Continue Reading →

Why Choose a CSA-Certified DIY Burner Kit Instead of a Standard Burner Kit?

Safety. If you want total confidence in your DIY gas fire pit or fire table – or if it will be accessible to the public—a CSA-certified burner kit is your only option. There are some instances when a standard burner… Continue Reading →

What Components Do I Need to Buy for My DIY Gas Fire Pit?

Planning for your DIY gas fire pit can seem a bit overwhelming at times. The easiest solution is to buy a complete kit, but there are less expensive options too. In this article, we’ll eliminate your uncertainty by thoroughly explaining… Continue Reading →

Benefits and Limitations of Stainless Steel Burners

Gas burners constructed of stainless steel are a great choice for your DIY fire pit or fire table. While all metals are susceptible to corrosion, stainless steel holds up better than most.  Stainless steel is strong, stands up to high… Continue Reading →

What Color Fire Glass Should I Use?

Which color fire glass do you like best? It’s really that simple. All of the Celestial Fire Glass options are beautiful in their own right, so it’s really just a question of, “What speaks to you?”  If you already have… Continue Reading →

How to Clean a Glass Flame Guard

Typically, cleaning the flame guard for your fire pit or fire table will be easier than cleaning glass doors on a fireplace. Often, you will already have cleaning materials on hand. As is the case with many things, frequency is… Continue Reading →

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit

There are three common lighting options for gas fire pits and tables. Many DIY fire pits are match-lit, which means you use a standard butane stick lighter to ignite the flames.  Also popular with DIY fire pits are spark igniters,… Continue Reading →

Three Must-Have Accessories for Your Gas Fire Feature

As might be expected, there is no shortage of items you can buy to enhance your outdoor living space. And many of them are a lovely addition. But when it comes to your outdoor gas fire pit or fire table,… Continue Reading →

Gas Pressure Fundamentals for Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Supplying the correct gas pressure for your outdoor gas fire pit will ensure that you get full enjoyment from your fire feature.  When designing and planning your gas fire pit, knowing the correct pressure for the gas type you’ll be… Continue Reading →

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