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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY Concrete Tabletops – The Latest Trend in Gas Fire Tables

Concrete countertops have been a hot trend in kitchens for a while now. It only makes sense the idea would migrate to the outdoors. And it’s not just for outdoor kitchens either. It is becoming a popular choice for building… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Have a Licensed Gas Installer Make Your Gas Fire Pit Connections

You should always hire a certified gas installer for home improvement projects if you value your life and home. A licensed gas professional is trained and tested on their knowledge. They work with the gas every day. You can trust… Continue Reading →

Does a Gas Fire Pit Burner Pan Expand Due to Heat?

Yes! Fire pit burner pans will expand when they get hot. It’s important to allow enough room in your fire pit tabletop to accommodate this expansion. How Much Does a Fire Pit Burner Pan Expand? Fire pit burner pans expand… Continue Reading →

What Is an Ethanol Fire Pit Burner?

An ethanol fire pit burner is a quick and easy way to add a gas fire feature to your backyard. Ethanol burners use an alcohol-based fuel made with plant by-products. They are simple to install and less dangerous than their… Continue Reading →

Is a Wood Fire Pit Better Than a Gas Fire Pit?

Wood fire pits and gas fire pits have their own pros and cons. As to which is better, it may be more a question of what’s available to you and if can you afford it. Fire Pit Limitations First of… Continue Reading →

DIY Gas Fire Pit Burner Buying Guide

Building a DIY gas fire pit will be a large investment of both your time and money. Minimize your risk by identifying what’s important when shopping for a gas fire pit burner.  There are a lot of companies out there,… Continue Reading →

What is the Celestial No-Fault Glass Protection Plan

The Celestial No-Fault Glass Protection Plan safeguards your glass flame guard investment against accidental breakage—no matter the reason. No questions asked. Some fire pit owners hesitate to buy a glass flame guard knowing it will be outside in the elements—all… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of a Celestial Lifetime Warranty

The Celestial Lifetime Limited Warranty allows you to purchase our products with confidence. If you should get a “lemon,” or your item is damaged during shipping, it’s reassuring to know you’ll get a replacement free of charge. We’re a U.S.-based… Continue Reading →

How Long Do Custom Gas Fire Pits Last?

The quality of materials and the craftsmanship in a custom fire pit give it far more lasting power than its cheap counterparts sold online and at big box stores. A custom gas fire pit can outlast you and your home… Continue Reading →

How Much Does a DIY Gas Fire Pit Cost?

A DIY gas fire pit can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on your requirements and design. A basic gas fire pit can be built for as little as $500. However, if… Continue Reading →

DIY Gas Fire Pit Design Considerations

A well-designed gas fire pit takes many factors into consideration, from legal to landscape. But it’s worth the effort because a well-executed fire pit can potentially add value to your home, helping to offset the cost of your project. Take… Continue Reading →

How to Select the Right Fire Pit Media for Your Design

Once you’ve settled on all the basics for your gas fire pit or fire table, it’s time to have a little fun. Fire media is the finishing touch, and you have a number of options. Fire media is the name… Continue Reading →

Gas Orifice Sizes for Outdoor Gas Fire Pits: A Comprehensive Guide

This brief guide covers everything you need to know about using the correct gas orifice for your DIY gas fire pit. You’ll discover what a gas orifice is, how it differs between propane and natural gas, and finally, how to… Continue Reading →

How Hot Does a Gas Fire Pit Burner Pan Get?

When people set out to build a DIY gas fire pit or fire table, a common question arises: “How hot will the burner pan get?” And it’s a good one to ask so that you can make wise choices about… Continue Reading →

HPC Fire – Made in USA!

In the gas fire pit burner industry, HPC Fire showcases the clear benefits of domestic manufacturing. Rooted deeply in the “Made in USA” ethos, HPC Fire offers more than just high-end products; it provides an assurance of quality, durability, and… Continue Reading →