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The Benefits of a Celestial Lifetime Warranty

The Celestial Lifetime Limited Warranty allows you to purchase our products with confidence. If you should get a “lemon,” or your item is damaged during shipping, it’s reassuring to know you’ll get a replacement free of charge. We’re a U.S.-based company committed to being here when you need us, whether it is for tech support or to return a faulty item. We’ve got you covered. 

Our No-Fault Glass Protection Plan takes this commitment a step further. If a glass panel breaks on your wind guard, we’ll replace it for free—no matter how it got broken. No questions asked. (Though, if it was an interesting story, you’re welcome to share!) We’ll handle the cost of special packaging to ensure it arrives unbroken. We only ask that you pay the rate for shipping–no markup.

What is the Celestial Lifetime Warranty?

The Celestial Lifetime Warranty is a promise to you that when you buy from us, we’ll make sure you get what you paid for. If something falls short, we’ll replace it. 

What Does the Celestial Lifetime Warranty Cover?

The lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects such as faulty welds, material defects, and damage due to shipping. It also covers glass panels against breakage.

How is it Possible to Provide a Lifetime Warranty?

We design and build our products with the mindset of producing high-quality products that will last as long as possible.  Our specifications exceed what’s required by the industry standard. And our production team is rewarded for quality rather than the quantity produced, which yields better results.

How Long is a Lifetime Warranty?

In the context of our warranty, “lifetime” applies to the original purchaser of the product in the United States and is non-transferable. 

What Does “Limited” Mean in The Lifetime Warranty?

It does not provide for replacements due to normal wear and tear or abuse. (However, our No-Fault Glass Protection Plan covers glass panels on our wind guards, regardless of the cause.)

Limited also means that while we will replace the faulty item with a like item, we won’t reimburse you for installation costs or other materials. 

What Happens If I Submit a Warranty Claim?

Celestial Fire Glass will ship you a replacement of the product claimed.  If we no longer produce that specific item, we’ll send you an equivalent item as a replacement.  Celestial Fire Glass will cover the shipping cost – there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

How Can I Submit a Warranty Claim?

It couldn’t be easier to submit a claim. Go to our Contact Us page and send us an email (or you can call to get started if you prefer). We’ll need your order number and photos of the defective or damaged component. Our Customer Service Team will take it from there.

Celestial Fire Glass Makes It Easy to Purchase With Confidence

Celestial Fire Glass produces quality products you can count on, but should you have a problem, you know we will be here to stand behind what we sell. And should you need to submit a claim, we’ve made it easy. You won’t have to spend hours on the phone or jump through hoops in order to get what we’ve promised you. 

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