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Three Must-Have Accessories for Your Gas Fire Feature

As might be expected, there is no shortage of items you can buy to enhance your outdoor living space. And many of them are a lovely addition. But when it comes to your outdoor gas fire pit or fire table, there are really only three things that are a must-have to get the most out of your investment.

1. Fire Glass

The two main types of media used in gas fire features are lava rocks and fire glass. Lava rocks are less expensive but have a couple of drawbacks. For one, the look is often more rustic (or bland) than most people desire. And second, they’re harder to clean. Most DIYers are trying to create ambiance and a focal point in their backyard garden or patio, so they are looking for something with a little more pizazz. And in that case, fire glass is the clear winner.

This specially engineered glass adds beauty and sparkle to your fire pit or table, both day and night.

Plus, it’s also much easier to clean fire glass. It doesn’t require much time or any special chemicals. If you’re not sure how to clean it, check out our easy-to-follow guide for cleaning your fire glass.

celestial fire glass in blue color

2. Flame Guard / Wind Guard

If you already have a gas fire pit or table, you are probably familiar with the havoc a breeze can cause with your flames. There doesn’t have to be a gale-force wind to ruin your good time. All it takes is a gentle breeze and your flames are dancing off the table and chasing after your guests!

Those breezes also make the firework harder. The burner has to use more gas to keep the fire going. 

Fortunately, a tempered glass, wind guard will protect your flames from most of this exposure while allowing you to enjoy the view. 

A fire pit flame guard also acts as a safety barrier keeping children and pets away from the flame.

flame guard

3. Cover

A cover protects the burner pan and fire glass from the elements – extending the life of your fire table or fire pit. It not only protects it from snow and rain; the cover helps to keep out debris such as bird droppings, acorns, and leaves.

Fire pit covers are generally made of stainless steel or weatherproof fabric.  

Fabric covers are less expensive, but they are large in order to cover the entire fire table. They are cumbersome to work with and they don’t last as long as a steel cover. And since most fire pits are constructed of durable materials, it’s not necessary to cover the whole feature anyway. 

fire pit cover

Rather, a stainless-steel fire pit cover is compact and easier to place. It fits within the glass flame guard and rests over and around your burner pan. It’s as easy to use as putting a lid on a pot, as opposed to wrestling a large, fabric cover over your entire fire pit and then trying to secure it. 

Ideally, we recommend keeping your burner area covered when not entertaining, especially if you live in an area with trees and normal rainfall. Having something you can easily place and remove over the burner area, makes it much more likely you will do just that. 

Plus, by only covering the burner area, a stainless-steel cover allows the beauty of your gas fire pit structure to remain visible at all times—far more attractive than a fabric-covered blob in the middle of your patio.

So, while it may cost a little more upfront to get a stainless-steel fire pit cover, it will look better, and you won’t need to replace it on a regular basis as is the case with a fabric cover.

We Have What You Need

Celestial Fire Glass has everything you need to create your DIY fire feature. From quality fire glass in a wide range of colors to flame guards for improved performance and safety to stainless steel burner covers—we have it all!

If you’re unsure about sizing or ordering any of these items, please feel free to contact us.

We’re always happy to help.

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