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Check Out These Extraordinary Fire Tables That Look Like Real Wood (But Aren’t!)

Every so often at Celestial Fire Glass, we see someone using our fire glass and other products in a most fascinating way. A case in point is Rustic Elegance, a small Idaho company that fabricates gorgeous propane and natural-gas fire tables with a charming wooden appearance. 

Here’s the thing: although these fire tables look exactly like real wood, they’re actually made of cement! We didn’t believe our eyes, and neither will you. Check it out:

See what we mean? Everything in the pictures is made from cement except for the wine barrel, which is wood (the top is cement). Here’s a neat side note about the wine barrels they use for some of their tables: the barrels are real, sourced from local wineries. Rustic Elegance installs locking wheels on the bottom of all their fire tables so they’re super-easy to move around.

If you’re wondering how the folks at Rustic Elegance can recreate the wood look with so much authenticity, here’s the answer: they use hand-picked vintage barn wood as inspiration for each piece of furniture they create. Plus, their fire tables can be finished in a variety of color tones to match your tastes and patio décor.

We’re honored that Rustic Elegance is outfitting their exquisite custom tables with Celestial Fire Glass flame/wind guards. Note how the clear class barriers lend a dash of contemporary style to the rich, rustic “wood” for a truly unique appearance.

If you’re not familiar with flame guards, these are sturdy glass barriers that fit on top of your fire pit’s burner pan. They block breezes, which can interfere with the steady-burning fire you want to have. Flame guards also help you save on fuel costs by allowing you to maintain lower flame heights on blustery days. Our flame guards are constructed of strong, heavy-duty tempered glass with polished edges and aluminum hardware—so they stay looking sleek and stylish for years. They’re really a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor fire feature.

Why Cement vs. Real Wood?

Handcrafted using a proprietary process, Rustic Elegance fire tables offer the warmth and texture of natural wood—but with far more durability. Their cement tables:

  • Will not absorb moisture—so no need to fret about water damage.
  • Won’t stain, so a tipped-over glass of Merlot isn’t a cause to panic.
  • Don’t need resealing, unlike wood tables, whose varnish can wear down over time and expose the wood beneath. (Note: the wine barrels in some of their fire tables may need to be resealed every couple of years in order to retain their beauty).
  • Don’t dry out and crack or splinter like natural wood tables.

Furniture made of genuine wood is lovely, but it wears quickly when subjected to the outdoor elements. The heavy-duty nature of these cement fire tables allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood-look furniture without the constant upkeep. All in all, Rustic Elegance fire tables require very little maintenance other than cleaning with a moistened cloth. If you’ve got a family and a busy life, this is music to your ears!

It’s also interesting to note that these cement fire tables are not as heavy as you’d think. In fact, they weigh no more than tables made of real wooden slabs.

Perhaps we’re a little biased, but we think Rustic Elegance fire tables, Celestial Fire Glass and Celestial Fire Flame Guards are the perfect trifecta!

About Rustic Elegance

Based in Boise, Idaho, Rustic Elegance specializes in making one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted custom tables, stools and fire tables. Although this furniture has the look of real wood, it’s constructed of cement that’s artfully finished for an authentic appearance. The Rustic Elegance team has a storefront at the Capital City Public Market every Saturday, April through November. They also ship their furniture from coast to coast. Learn more at


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