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See How These Artists Work Fire Glass Into Their Resin Geode Art (Prepare To Be Dazzled!)

Although our fire glass is most often used to brighten and beautify outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, we’re constantly amazed at all the alternative ways customers use it. Available in a dazzling array of colors, our shimmery glass is sought out by artists and craftspeople from all across the nation. They come up with the most fascinating applications for it!

Of all the ingenuity we’ve seen over the years, one of our favorite artistic uses of Celestial Fire Glass is in producing resin geode art. Never heard of it? Let us paint a picture for you!

First things first: What is epoxy resin art?

If you’re not familiar with epoxy resin art, you’re in for a treat. Let’s start with a little primer. Epoxy resin is a two-part system made up of resin and hardener (sometimes called the “catalyst”). When you mix the two substances, something really cool happens: The liquid resin hardens into a clear, solid plastic with a high-gloss surface.

Since it starts off as a liquid and then solidifies, you can pour resin into different shapes using silicone molds. You can also add different-colored pigments and visually interesting items like leaves, coins, paper, wood, stones, dried flowers, or even dead insects — anything you can think of, really! Once the resin hardens completely (in about 24 hours), whatever you put inside will be perfectly preserved. Even better, the resulting shiny surface is waterproof, highly durable and scratch resistant, making it ideal for applications and products that are used in everyday life.

So just what do people make with epoxy resin? The sky’s the limit. Combining beauty with versatility and durability, epoxy resin can be used for everything from crafts and artwork to home furnishings and décor. Here are just some of its applications:

  • Sealed three-dimensional paintings
  • Sealed photo collages
  • Coasters & cutting boards
  • Paperweights & magnets
  • Jewelry: pins, pendants, & charms
  • Decorative sculptures & figurines
  • Tabletops, stool tops, & countertops
  • Custom signs
  • Tableware (e.g., decorative dishes and platters)
  • Pet food bowls
  • Handles for serving utensils
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Candle holders
  • Decorative tiles

You can also use epoxy resin to coat existing and older items (e.g., an antique table) to create a smooth, lustrous surface and impart new life. Before pouring the liquid resin, some artists decorate the surface with items like old photos, pennies, postcards, and dried flowers to create a compelling conversation piece.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the fascinating world of resin art, let’s move on to geodes — the source of inspiration for resin geode art.


What is a geode?

We’re glad you asked! A geode refers to a hollow space deep within a spherical rock, which is lined with minerals and crystals. This lining is the stuff dreams are made of, featuring a jaw-dropping array of colors, opacities, and textures. You might find white calcite crystals, pink rhodochrosite, and smoky quartz crystals as well as vibrant purple amethyst and translucent, banded gray and white agate. It’s really a magnificent sight to behold — nature is full of wonderful surprises!

How are geodes formed? Well, this is where it gets interesting. They’re primarily created in volcanic lava rocks, which harbor gas bubbles after cooling down. They may also be formed in the hollow areas within soil that are created by tree roots or animal burrows. Over a period of many years, dissolved minerals seep into this hollow area and harden into a shell — this is the geode. The minerals continue to grow on the inner lining of the shell and move toward the center of it as they develop. The trace elements found with these minerals determine the various colors, transparency, luminosity, and textures of the crystals.

Geodes are unique in that they have an extremely hard, durable outer wall that’s especially resistant to weathering. But finding them out in nature is no easy task. A geode’s shell looks similar to surrounding rocks, so the untrained eye wouldn’t be able to pick them out. You’d only know that a rock formation was a geode once it was broken apart to reveal its sparkling, breathtakingly beautiful insides.

So what do epoxy resin art and geodes have to do with one another? Well, a hot new trend for resin artists right now is creating abstract pieces that reflect the geode’s mysterious, otherworldly beauty.

Now, we’re not talking about taking an actual geode and then coating it with resin. Instead, these artists creatively replicate the look of a geode’s insides using paint as well as three-dimensional elements like crystals, stones, and glass.

Many of our customers (and Instagram followers — follow us at @celestialfireglass) have found that using our tempered fire glass in their resin art adds authentic sparkle and earthy color that’s beyond compare. It’s not difficult to see why our fire glass would be a popular choice for resin geode art. After all, it offers jewel-like texture, color, and sparkle and comes in a variety of shapes such as tempered fire glass, fire glass diamonds, and crushed fire glass.

Watch this video to see Katharine at Dryer Days Studio incorporating Celestial Fire Yellow Amber crushed fire glass into an epoxy resin art piece. She’ll take you through the resin crafting process, step by step. It’s mesmerizing!

Meet our featured resin geode artists

At Celestial Fire Glass, we’ve had the privilege to connect with resin crafters across the U.S. who use our fire glass in their creations. For many of these folks, resin art began as a casual hobby, and then evolved into a full-blown passion. Some have even turned resin artwork into their livelihood and now have devoted customers and social media followers from around the world.

Below are some of the gifted resin geode artists we work with, along with some photos of their masterpieces. We’re honored and proud to support these talented visual storytellers!

Dryer Days Art Studio

@DryerDays on Instagram

Katharine, artist and owner of Dryer Days Art Studio, has been working in fluid art since 2015. Beginning in acrylic pouring, she naturally progressed into working with resin geode art. Her favorite part of resin work is the incorporation of fun, fascinating additives such as Celestial Fire Glass, glitter, and natural stones that all possess their own unique beauty. Always embracing learning and growing, she encourages her followers to Believe in Their Art and to Keep On Pouring.

Katherine sells her gorgeous artwork directly on her website and has her own storefront on Amazon. She even sells products to empower other budding resin artists to follow their passion and hone their craft, including supplies and e-courses. Katharine has been providing pouring and resin tutorials on her YouTube channel Dryer Days Art Studio for more than two years. She loves teaching and inspiring others just as much as she loves making her own art.

Below are a couple of examples of Katharine’s stunning resin geode artwork, featuring Celestial Fire Glass. Isn’t it remarkable?

blue pink geode resin art with fire glass
yellow brown geode resin art
crystal brown geode resin art

Shawn Towne, Mulberry Moon Design

@mulberrymoon_design on Instagram

Shawn’s life has always been one of creative expressions and reinvention. While in college at Rutgers University, her favorite course was art history. After exploring different careers and overcoming challenges in the fitness and modeling industries, she discovered the joy of painting again, using her original artwork to sublimate on fabric and create original pieces. Her art gradually evolved into working with acrylic pours and pigment-infused resin to create abstract designs, sparking a new passion. Shawn fell in love with the style and diversity of resin art applications, from wall hangings to high-end furniture.

Shawn incorporates select pieces with gemstones and Celestial Fire Glass to bring them to shimmering, sparkling life. All of her work is sealed in resin, resulting in a glass-like finish that captures and forever preserves the beauty beneath. Shawn finds inspiration for her art from her family, her travels, and the unique experiences that have enriched her life along the way. She strives to create sparkling, lively pieces that bring people joy.

Below are some examples of Shawn’s resin geode artwork, featuring Celestial Fire Glass. These pieces have so much depth and texture, it’s easy to get lost in them!

orange black resin geode art
sea-like geode resin art
aesthetic geode resin wall art
black white geode resin art

Patrick Melcher, Nature’s Edge Wood Art

@naturesedgewoodwork on Instagram

After becoming disillusioned by a long, money-driven career, Patrick decided to switch to doing something that felt truly fulfilling and enjoyable. He wanted to teach his children by example — so he shifted his overall focus off money to reduce stress and live a simple, yet rewarding life.

Based on a 300-year-old horse farm in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Patrick specializes in one-of-a-kind, bespoke, natural-edge wood projects that range from custom furniture to artwork. His focus is a combination of high-character raw materials and a unique artisan perspective. Most of the slab wood used in Patrick’s projects consists of manually harvested, single trees that are sourced locally, through a small Amish mill. He strives to combine this traditional method of lumber milling with the highest level of personalized client service and modern-yet-rustic design concepts.

The combination of authentic materials and Patrick’s interactive, client-oriented design process results in stunning pieces of functional art that moonlight as heirloom-quality furniture. His products are listed for purchase on Etsy, and custom orders are also available.

Patrick’s love for woodwork and his dedication to his craft are evident in every piece he produces. Check some of them out below:

epoxy resin table
table made of resin art
long resin rectangle table
stunning resin art table

Joyce, Joyce Artwork, LLC

@Joyce.Artwork on Instagram

When Joyce first discovered resin, she fell instantly in love with the high-luster finish and how colors interact with one another on the canvas. She started creating her own resin geode art with bright colors and lots of sparkle using Celestial Fire Glass and crystal embellishments. Layer by layer, Joyce adds captivating depth to her pieces and finishes them off with lines of paint to accent the crystalline effects. Her aim is to craft pieces that light up any room and bring a little bit of happiness and cheer to anyone who lays eyes upon them.

Joyce’s extraordinary artwork is available directly through her website. In addition to resin paintings, she sells custom homeware, decorative items and silicone molds for other resin artists.

small blue gold resin geode art
violet gold resin geode artwork
unicorn resin geode wallart
pink violet geode resin artwork

Lux Art

@LuxArt on Instagram

Lux Art specializes in luxurious art for the home, including paintings, functional housewares, and gift items such as cutting boards, coasters, and serving boards. Using versatile techniques and materials such as Celestial Fire Glass, Lux Art has the ability to create exquisite custom pieces for its customers.

Here are some examples of Lux Art’s resin artwork, below, which incorporates our fire glass. Isn’t it spectacular?

elegant white gray resin wall art by lux art
lux art resin board
blue resin cutting board
pink white resin chopping board

If you like what you see from these resin artists, please show your support by visiting their websites and following them on social media. And don’t forget — resin artwork and crafts make a fabulous gift for any occasion!

DIY epoxy resin art (yes, you can!)

Intrigued by epoxy resin art and fire glass? Want to try it for yourself? The good news is that yes, this is something you can do at home! There is a large variety of products on the market for both new and experienced resin artists, and plenty of how-to tutorials on the web for the beginner.

Here’s a list of the basic supplies you’ll need when working with epoxy resin and fire glass:

  • A two-part resin & hardener set (made for art, not casting)
  • Respirator (for your safety, as resin can produce toxic fumes)
  • Rubber gloves to protect your skin
  • Newspapers to protect the floor
  • Cooking spray
  • Hard soap
  • Dremel tool
  • Mixing cup
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Molds, if needed (non-stick silicone is best)
  • Acrylic-based paint or colored powder
  • Celestial Fire Glass in any type or shade
  • Other additives desired (e.g., leaves, photos, stones, buttons, etc.)

Silicone molds for epoxy resin work can be purchased from any hobby store or online (check out these molds by Dryer Days Studio). You can even make your own! All it takes is silicone rubber or plasticine coated with liquid latex. Although making your own molds of course takes more time, it gives you the benefit of creating any design your mind can conceive.

Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area when crafting with resin, and wear those gloves at all times because resin can cause injury and irritation to your skin.

With resin art, feel free to use a medley of backgrounds, pigments, and additives to let your imagination run free. Because the resin is clear and can be poured into any depth and shape you wish, you can create three-dimensional artwork that’s unlike anything else.

Oh, and one more thing: Remember to add some tempered fire glass for that added touch of glitz!

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