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You’ll Fall Hard for This Stunning Outdoor Fire Pit

Stunning Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Looking for some inspiration for building that new fire pit — or revamping your existing one? Feast your eyes upon this backyard masterpiece. Accented all around by gorgeous stonework, it’s the perfect autumn oasis for hanging with friends, relaxing with family, or enjoying some “me” time with a good book or glass of vino.

Can you picture this showstopper in your yard? Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they first see it (not to mention your envious neighbors!).

About the Fire Glass Used in This Project

The designer on this residential project came up with a custom blend from two distinct colors of fire pit glass:

These two contrasting fire glass shades create a truly striking visual effect. The black tempered fire glass bits add dark, velvety depth … like the night sky … while the copper provides a pop of metallic shimmer that accentuates the earthy tones in the stone. Combined, these two fire glass colors have an otherworldly look that’s positively breathtaking — especially when they’re illuminated by flames!

Gill Landscaping used R.I. Lampus Rosetta dimensional blocks in Mountain Rustic to create the fire pit and the retaining wall.

Outdoor Gas Fire PitWhy Was This Particular Type of Fire Glass Chosen?

Tempered fire glass is a favorite choice of media among fire pit designers — and here’s why: Nothing else sparkles quite like it. This style of fireplace glass is specially manufactured to deliver jaw-dropping shine — yep, the kind that makes you reach for your sunglasses! The secret to its radiance is a mirror finish that’s applied to one side of the glass before it’s broken into smaller fragments.

Then, instead of tumbling the glass (a process that gets rid of the sharper edges), Celestial Fire Glass uses a proprietary vibration process. The benefit of vibration is that, unlike tumbling, it preserves the smooth surface on the glass instead of creating abrasions. This makes the glass pieces more reflective in the light.

Spectacular shine aside, there are other compelling reasons to choose tempered fire glass for your outdoor fire pit or fireplace:

  • It stands up to the searing heat of the flames: While regular glass would melt, fade, and crack under the flames, tempered fire pit glass is specially engineered to withstand extremely hot temperatures. It stays vibrant and luminous, fire after fire after fire.
  • It’s safe to use around your family (no toxic fumes): Worried about polluting the air your spouse, kids, and pets breathe? With tempered fire glass, there’s no need to fret, because it produces no chemical vapors or irritating smells. This media is 100% clean-burning.

Have we ignited your imagination yet? Get more fire pit inspiration here with one that’s actually made from an old wine barrel!

Copper and Black Tempered Fire Glass

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