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How-to guides for DIY fire pits

Helpful Tips for Planning a DIY Propane Fire Pit / Table

Building a DIY propane fire feature, whether it be a fire table or a fire pit, can be both a lot of fun and a bit intimidating when starting your project.  Not to worry, Celestial Fire is will help guide you… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Custom Sized Wind Guard

Gathering ‘round your fire pit on a crisp fall evening is one of those simple joys in life. Unless it’s a windy night. Those gusty breezes can quickly turn your peaceful flame-viewing experience upside-down by whipping the flames out of control…. Continue Reading →

How to Convert Celestial CSA Burner Kits to Natural Gas

Our CSA burner kits are very popular with DIYers because they make it very easy to build a propane fire table. And, since the kits are CSA-certified, they can be used in fire pits located in public access areas such as… Continue Reading →

How to Clean Your Fire Glass in Just a Few Quick, Easy Steps

One of the best things about fire glass is that unlike wood, it’s extremely low maintenance. What’s more, when you’re using a natural-gas source, your fire pit glass is among the cleanest burning alternatives available. That said, even the highest-quality… Continue Reading →

Propane Air Mixers – Everything You Need to Know (And Then Some!)

Propane air mixers are an important part of any fire feature that uses propane gas. If you’re building a DIY propane fire pit or fire table, you want to be sure to include the right-size mixer in your project. But… Continue Reading →

How to Measure Gas Pipe Size

Measuring gas pipe size isn’t as straightforward as you would think. Gas pipe sizes are standardized on the NPT (National Pipe Thread) standard. NPT sizes are smaller than the actual thread size. Additionally, NPT threads are tapered in order to… Continue Reading →

How to Install Fire Glass

While most people don’t give it much thought, properly installing fire glass is important to how well your gas fire feature performs.  If you simply dump a pile of fire glass into your pit, you’re bound to have problems ahead…. Continue Reading →

Quick Tips for Installing a DIY Natural Gas Fire Pit

Whether you’re using a drop-in burner with a pan, a burner ring, or a complete, CSA-certified burner kit to create your fire feature, the fundamentals of a natural gas installation are all the same.  First, it’s important to emphasize that… Continue Reading →

How to ‘Spring Clean’ Your Fire Pit

Winter is over and you’re ready for some relaxing evenings outside. But, is your gas fire pit ready for you? If you don’t prep it properly, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Your fire feature, whether it was… Continue Reading →

How to Install a Propane Fire Pit Burner Pan

Follow these easy steps to properly install your drop-in fire pit pan for use with propane. While we always recommend that you have a licensed gas installer make all gas connections, this step-by-step guide can assist both you and your installer with the planning and installation of your burner pan.

Quick Tips for Installing a DIY Propane Fire Pit Burner

Whether you’re making a DIY fire pit or fire table, using individual elements or a complete, CSA-certified burner kit, the underlying requirements of a propane installation are all the same.  First, always have your gas connections made by a qualified… Continue Reading →

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit

There are three common lighting options for gas fire pits and tables. Many DIY fire pits are match-lit, which means you use a standard butane stick lighter to ignite the flames.  Also popular with DIY fire pits are spark igniters,… Continue Reading →

How to Clean a Glass Flame Guard

Typically, cleaning the flame guard for your fire pit or fire table will be easier than cleaning glass doors on a fireplace. Often, you will already have cleaning materials on hand. As is the case with many things, frequency is… Continue Reading →

Typical LP Burner Configuration

Installation of a fire pit burner using liquid propane gas (LP gas) is different from a natural gas installation. LP gas requires a greater air/gas mixture than natural gas; therefore, you’ll need to be sure to install an air mixer… Continue Reading →

Typical Natural Gas Burner Configuration

Installing a fire pit burner using natural gas is project usually left for the professionals. While natural gas is ideal for fire pits, you may want to consult a professional to do the installation.  For the DIY’ers, installation of the… Continue Reading →

How to Install a Spark Igniter to Your Burner Pan

DIY drop-in burner pans are a great way to bring a fire pit to your backyard. However, the bare-bones nature of these burners can be daunting for some people, particularly when it comes to lighting the burner.  While it is… Continue Reading →

How to Determine the Right Size Burner Pan for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

So, it’s time to pick your firepower? That means it’s time to take inventory of the space available for your fire feature, how you like to entertain, and your budget. When you first start planning—or more like, dreaming—about a fire… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

Building a gas fire pit is a very doable DIY project, but there are many things you’ll want to think through before loading up your “cart” with items. The following information should answer any questions you might have, and some… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Custom Cabinet for Your Gas Fire Pit Table

Basically, building a gas fire table is as simple as building a box. If you can handle that level of construction, you are most of the way there. Certainly, there are some designs that are more complicated and involved than… Continue Reading →

How to Winterize Your Gas Fire Pit

Unless you live in a mild climate, you will need to winterize your gas fire pit or fire table to get them ready for winter. Failing to prepare could cause severe damage to your fire feature, or at the very… Continue Reading →

How to Add Fire Glass to Your Gas Fireplace

Can I Add Fire Glass to My Gas Fireplace? Yes! If you currently have lava rocks in your fireplace; you can replace them and add fire glass to your gas fireplace instead. The answer is no if you have the… Continue Reading →

11 Safety Checks for Your Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor gas fire pits are fun and convenient, but you should never lose sight of the fact that they are gas appliances and should be treated with caution. Therefore, a few safety checks are always a good idea to ensure… Continue Reading →

How to Convert a Wood Fire Pit to Gas?

Converting a wood-burning fire pit to gas will involve a few changes to the basic structure. There will also be some upfront costs and if you’re converting to natural gas, it will require the services of a licensed gas installer…. Continue Reading →