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What Color Fire Glass Should I Use?

Which color fire glass do you like best? It’s really that simple. All of the Celestial Fire Glass options are beautiful in their own right, so it’s really just a question of, “What speaks to you?”  If you already have… Continue Reading →

Lava Rock or Fire Glass – Which is Better?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The more important question is, which suits your home design and lifestyle better—lava rock or fire glass? A $12 million mansion demands the razzle and dazzle of fire glass. Whereas fire glass… Continue Reading →

Gas Principles You Should Know When Building a Fire Pit

Fire pits make a beautiful centerpiece for an enjoyable evening at home with family and friends. And using gas as fuel can make it as easy as pushing a button. No mess. Stress-free. No constant tending of the fire. However,… Continue Reading →