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Troubleshooting Common Fire Pit Problems

“What’s That Whistling Noise?” – How to Fix Strange Sounds Coming from Your Fire Pit Burner

Hearing odd noises coming from your fire pit? Resist the temptation to turn up the music or simply ignore it. While issues like this are not uncommon – particularly with natural gas installations – it’s essential to make safety a… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Propane Fire Pit Flame So Low?

Judging by how often we hear this question, low flame height (1”-2”) is a big problem for many DIYers. Nine times out of 10, it’s a problem with the propane gas pressure. Fortunately, there are a couple of things to… Continue Reading →

Fire Glass Turning Black? Here’s What to Do.

Watching your beautiful fire pit glass darken and discolor can be a startling experience. But not to worry — your “burnt” fire glass is absolutely fine. The fact is that fire glass is non-combustible, and it hasn’t been treated with… Continue Reading →

Why Is My Propane Air Mixer Leaking?

A propane air mixer will leak if there’s reverse pressure – gas being forced backward from the fire pit burner toward the tank.  The good news is that an air mixer is a fairly simple product and easy to troubleshoot.  … Continue Reading →

Why is My Gas Fire Pit Flame Blue and How Do I Fix it?

Simply put, you have too much air mixed with the gas.  It is a common problem that is easily solved.  By reducing the amount of air mixing with the gas before it gets to the burner, the color changes from blue to yellow…. Continue Reading →

Popping Sound from Fire Glass

This typically happens when tempered fire glass is damp or wet and the burner is turned on. The heating of the moisture causes an expansion as it turns to a gas which may cause some of the cracked (but not… Continue Reading →

High-Luster vs. Tumbled Fire Glass: Which Is Right for You?

Customers often ask us if Celestial’s Tempered Fire Glass is tumbled. In a word, no. Tumbling tempered fire pit glass involves placing the glass into a revolving bin for a given amount of time. The rotating motion wears down the… Continue Reading →

Why Does My Gas Fire Pit Keep Going Out?

When a fire pit keeps going out, the cause is almost always the flame-sensing thermocouple. If the flame goes out immediately after you light your fire pit, this is an indication that the thermocouple isn’t sensing the flame and it’s turning… Continue Reading →

Why Does My Gas Fire Pit Flame Height Drop Over Time?

Dropping flame height is typically a cold weather problem for gas fire pits that use propane as their fuel source.  It is caused by the inability of the gas in the tank to vaporize at sufficient speed to fuel the… Continue Reading →

Freezing Propane Tank – Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

A propane tank will freeze if there isn’t enough heat to convert the liquid propane into gas in a process called vaporization. The heat typically comes from the ambient air, but if it’s too cold outside or the liquid-to-surface ratio… Continue Reading →

Why is My Propane Regulator Frozen?

A frozen propane regulator can be a sign of a very serious issue.  When we get questions about this problem, it is usually because the caller has the propane tank positioned on its side in order to fit in a… Continue Reading →