How Much Fire Glass Do I Need?

You want to put enough fire glass in your fire pit to cover the burner so it isn’t visible. This depth is usually about 1” to 2” of fire glass on top of the burner. You can calculate exactly how much you need based on the dimensions of your fire pit / fireplace using our fire glass calculator below.

When determining how much fire glass you’re going to order, always make your initial purchase on the conservative side. Our fire glass ships quick and for free (USPS Priority Mail), if you come up short you can add more fire glass to your project in a matter of 2 to 3 days. This is much easier (and cheaper) than shipping back the fire glass if you purchased too much.

Round Fire Pit

Round Fire Pit Calculator

Diameter (A) Inches:
Glass Depth (B) Inches:

Square/Rectangular Fire Pit

Square/Rectangular Fire Pit Calculator

Width (A) Inches:
Length (B) Inches:
Glass Depth (C) Inches:

Round Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl Calculator

Diameter (A) Inches:
Glass Depth (B) Inches:


Fireplace Calculator

Front Width (A) Inches:
Back Width (B) Inches:
Fireplace Depth (C) Inches:
Glass Depth (D) Inches:

Pro Tip: Save money by reducing the amount of fire glass you need by filling the space under your burner with pea gravel or unused lava rock. Some large custom fire pits have a large void under the burner which can be filled with pea gravel or lava rock, which can greatly reduce the amount of fire glass needed. For most standard fire pits, this area is minimal and filling with pea gravel isn’t necessary as it won’t save much in fire glass cost. You can decide whether this option is suitable for your fire pit.