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The Truth About Drilled vs. Punched Holes in Gas Fire Pit Burners

What makes for a better fire pit burner — drilled or punched holes?

You will no doubt encounter this debate when you enter the realm of fire pit enthusiasts. It’s a common question that comes up a lot as people shop for a fire pit burner. 

In this article, we will reveal the truth about punched versus drilled holes.  

  • Is there a difference?  
  • Are punched holes inferior?  
  • Do punched holes cause a whistling sound?
  • How has punching technology changed? 
  • And of course, which type is better?

History of Drilled vs. Punched Burner Holes

In the past, punched holes were inferior to drilled holes because punches would leave burrs and dangling pieces of metal (For those of us old enough to remember Bush vs. Gore, think “hanging chads.”).  

These burrs and hanging pieces of metal, along with other debris, would potentially cause a whistling sound and affect the flame consistency in fire pit burners.  For this reason, drilled was far superior to punched holes in gas fire pit burners.  

Advancement of Punching Technology

But that was the past. In recent years, punching technology has significantly advanced.  Today, punched holes are equal to — if not superior — to drilled holes in gas fire pit burners.  The punching technology makes a perfect hole with no burrs, hanging chads, or any deformations in the metal.  

In fact, if you inspect a punched hole and a drilled hole next to each other, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between drilled holes and punched holes.

Marketing Ploy of Punched Holes 

Discussions about drilled holes being superior these days is either a marketing gimmick or an outdated belief based on old technology. There is no longer any difference between the two especially when it comes to DIY gas fire pit burners.

What is Important?

The truth is, when you’re shopping for an outdoor fire pit burner, the holes are no longer important to think about. Instead, focus on the material used (stainless steel is superior), the BTU rating, and the size and shape of the burner.  These are directly relevant to making your purchase decision.

With modern punching technology, there is no difference between drilled and punched holes anymore. Neither have deformities, debris, burrs, or other imperfections.  That frees you up to focus on quality, price, and availability of support. 

And when it comes to those things, Celestial Fire Glass has you covered on all fronts!

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