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Why You Should Have a Licensed Gas Installer Make Your Gas Fire Pit Connections

You should always hire a certified gas installer for home improvement projects if you value your life and home. A licensed gas professional is trained and tested on their knowledge. They work with the gas every day. You can trust their expertise to keep you safe and your project running smoothly.

Installing gas is not like installing tile. Mix your grout improperly and your backsplash will fall off the wall, but no one will die. Make a mistake with gas, and that could easily happen. And you might take your neighbors along with you.

For the inexperienced, many things can go wrong. For example, an improperly connected pipe could lead to a slow leak and a build-up of gas over time. Enter an ignition source—something as simple as flipping a switch—and boom! Game over.

What Can You Expect from a Certified Licensed Installer?

A licensed gas installer will know things that in all likelihood, you do not. For instance, what size supply line do you need to support the number of projects you have.

The line needed for a barbecue grill will be far different than the line needed to support a grill, a pool heater, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen. They will know the pipe size that will accommodate all those items so they can run effectively and efficiently.

Perhaps you’re starting with a fire pit, but you might want to add a kitchen later. They can guide you on what to install now, to allow for further expansion down the road. 

They’ll also know things such as what size regulator is needed for optimal output for the burner size of your firepit.

In addition to ensuring your safety, these are just a few examples of the difference a certified professional can make. 

By choosing an NFI-certified gas installer, you can rest easy that your project is in good hands. NFI (National Fireplace Institute) is the professional certification division of the Hearth, Patio, Barbecue, and Education Foundation. 

They developed a rigorous training program to provide an easy way for consumers to distinguish between those who call themselves “professionals” and those who actually have the education to back up that claim. 

Find an NFI-certified gas installer near you by searching at the National Fireplace Institute.

How to Find a Licensed Gas Installer for Your Fire Pit

It’s possible you may not find an NFI-certified installer near you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone qualified to do the work. You just need to know where to look.

Note: Gas installers are often referred to as gas plumbers.  They work with pipes and fittings just as plumbers who work with water do; however, they have the added expertise of working with an explosive product.

An online search for “gas plumbers” should bring up a selection of professionals for you to research. 

Every state has different licensing requirements, and some are more stringent than others. A good practice is to look for someone who is licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask contractors, real estate professionals, and neighbors for recommendations. Eventually, you are likely to see overlap where at least one name will rise to the top for serious consideration.

Proper Gas Installation Is Critical

Gas is invisible and that may contribute to a false sense of security, but you should never underestimate its power. There’s too much at stake. Find somewhere else to cut corners, and hire an experienced, licensed gas professional.

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