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Benefits and Limitations of Stainless Steel Burners

Gas burners constructed of stainless steel are a great choice for your DIY fire pit or fire table. While all metals are susceptible to corrosion, stainless steel holds up better than most. 

Stainless steel is strong, stands up to high heat, and is recyclable. It’s a smart choice for the creation of a gas fire pit burner.

However, because it can take a beating and still look good, people might think of it as indestructible. It isn’t. 

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel isn’t rust-proof, it’s rust-resistant. That’s literally how it got its name – “Stain-less,” meaning that it was less likely to develop rust stains.

Rusting occurs when the iron in a metal reacts with oxygen and water. So, like any metal item exposed to the outdoors for an extended amount of time, it needs a little extra care to help prevent it from rusting.

Resisting Rust

Once rust begins to develop, there are various ways to try to control it, but it cannot be reversed. Therefore, your best line of defense is a great offense. 


Simply placing a cover over the burner area of your gas fire pit will go a long way toward keeping rust on your burners at bay. 

You can use a stainless steel cover or a water-resistant canvas cover. At Celestial Fire Glass, we carry a line of stainless steel fire pit covers to accommodate every size of burner we offer. These fire pit covers protect the burner area while allowing the beauty of your fire table to remain in view.

Surface applications

There are a number of commercial applications that can be applied to the surface of your burner (and stainless steel cover) to prevent rust. Some of these involve nanotechnology or some other sort of chemical application. These can be expensive, but if you live in an area prone to rust, it might be something to consider.

NEVER USE steel wool or bleach on your stainless steel. These two things will degrade stainless steel and damage it.

Removing Rust from Stainless Steel

Surface rust can often be effectively removed from stainless steel, restoring its original shine and functionality. For best results, we recommend using a specialized cleaning product like Bar Keepers Friend, which has received numerous positive reviews for its rust-removal capabilities. This cleaner works by utilizing oxalic acid, which chemically reacts with the rust to lift it away from the metal without damaging the underlying surface. When applying Bar Keepers Friend, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully—typically, you’ll need to apply the powder to a damp cloth, rub gently over the rusted area, and then rinse thoroughly with water. For persistent stains, a second application may be necessary. Regular maintenance using this method can help keep your stainless steel items in pristine condition.

Challenges of Beach Locations

It’s very difficult to prevent rust on metal items in a beach environment, even if the item is made with stainless steel. Coastal areas are rich in the elements needed to form rust – salt and water. Salt is the biggest contributor to the problem as it accelerates chemical reactions.  Population and pollution also play a role and these two elements are often present in coastal areas.

METALS RUST faster at the beach because of the continual exposure to salt water.

A study by the Galvanizers Association in the United Kingdom found that, depending on a variety of conditions, salt air can travel as far as 50 miles inland and bring accelerated corrosion with it. So, even if you can’t see the beach from your house, if you live nearby, your possessions made of metal are at higher risk of rusting.

To help prevent rust in a coastal location, you may want to take some extra precautions, such as wiping your burner off (and stainless steel cover if you have one) with fresh water before stowing it. Adding a canvas cover will offer another layer of protection to help prevent salt deposits from the ocean air.

In addition, you may also want to consider a commercial surface application designed to prevent rust.

Celestial Fire Glass Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Burners

Our lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects, such as weld joints that fail and imperfections in the metal.  It does not cover the normal weathering of the stainless steel (including surface rust stains).


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