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What Color Fire Glass Should I Use?

Which color fire glass do you like best? It’s really that simple. All of the Celestial Fire Glass options are beautiful in their own right, so it’s really just a question of, “What speaks to you?” 

If you already have a design theme you need to work around, then in the following article we’ll give you some things to consider in making your final choice. For a premium effect take a look at our Rainbow Fire Glass which changes color due to its iridescent finish.

Fire Glass Samples – Try Before You Buy

It’s always a good idea to request samples of fire glass to help you decide on the final color or color combination.  Colors on computer screens are seldom accurate – different computer monitors reflect color in different ways and therefore, may look different from screen to screen.  And honestly, none of them do justice to the depth of color and sparkle of Celestial Fire Glass products.

It’s akin to picking paint colors for your house. You can really only tell what a color will look like when you paint a swatch on the wall where it will be used. The lighting in that space will affect the color. It’s the same with fire glass. 

Only by having samples to display in the area where they will be used, can you see the real color. (Plus, samples give you a chance to appreciate the quality of our fire glass.)

Simply, go to our fire glass products page and select a color you’d like to try. When that page comes up, select “Sample” in the area where it asks for size (that box will be right next to the box that says “10 lbs.”) Repeat for any of the colors that interest you. 

What Color Fire Glass Looks Best?

If you’re not sure where to begin, analyze your space. What is the dominant color? Do you want to echo that color or choose an accent color? 

Here’s a breakdown of what colors are likely to look best with your outdoor space based on an existing color scheme.

In general, “Dark Matter Black” and “Diamond Starlight Clear” can be regarded as neutral colors that should work well in a variety of situations. Other colors may provide more pop or a bolder statement, but these two should be relatively safe choices and pair well with other colors if you’re looking to create a blend.
All of the following colors with the exception of the “Diamond Starlight Clear” have a reflective coating, which gives them a sparkling sheen that dazzles in the sunlight.

Blue Theme

Potential Accent Color:

If you’ve incorporated blue into your outdoor décor (cushions, throw pillows, etc.) then you’ll likely find a shade of blue that will work well with your existing design scheme. To hint at blue without having the design feel too “matchy, matchy,” you can diffuse the color by mixing it with other colors such as black or one of the Diamond Starlight options.

AN ACCENT COLOR is a shade used in small amounts to add interest to a design. It can be a complementary shade or one of contrast.

Many people like to mix the blues to reproduce a feeling of water that is a pleasing addition to most environments.

Blue often finds a natural partner with green and gold, so either of the above might make for an interesting accent color.

Beige, Brown, or other Earth Tone Themes 

Potential Accent Color:

If you have a heavy emphasis on earth tones, then one of the above colors can provide a harmonious note to your nature theme. 

Neptune Blue” gives you the feeling of gazing into a lazy summer sky. It’s the perfect balance to earth tones—what could be more natural?  

Want to make a bolder statement? Combine black and copper for a “Nature Goes to Hollywood” feel.

Gray and Black Themes 

Potential Accent Color:

If you have furnishings based on a gray/black scale, the above colors are “no brainers.” They can stand alone, or they can be mixed in any combination for a stunning effect. 

You, could of course, use a bold accent color such as the “Meridian Blue” to break up the monochromatic theme.

Note: Our “Dark Matter Black” is a true, black glass. Many manufacturers sell a black that really looks more like gray because it is only a black coating on one side. Our black glass is black the whole way through creating a truly, bold color choice. 

If you want gray, order gray. If you want the richness of an opulent black, order Celestial Fire Glass “Dark Matter Black.” 

White Theme 

Potential Accent Colors: All of them!

In fire glass terms, white is represented by “Diamond Starlight Clear.” The glass is clear, but it appears white in the way that a diamond does. The 1/4” size glass even sparkles like a pile of diamonds. The 1/2” size looks a bit more like shards of glistening ice.

The variation on this color, “Diamond Starlight Reflective,” imparts a white/silvery vibe due to the reflective coating on one side. It feels a little jazzier than the clear and therefore, not as neutral if you aren’t looking for that party feel. However, it makes a great partner to other reflective colors or in contrast with the clear.

If you’re bold enough to feature white in your outdoor patio design, you are bold enough to try any of our colors alone, or in combination, to create an amazing accent element with fire glass.

Green Theme 

Potential Accent Color:

Our “Terrestrial Green” is similar to a Kelly green with a bit of silvery sparkle due to its reflective coating on one side. However, it might be hard to match your décor if you already have a lot of green elements. “Europa Blue” has a hint of green and could be a good choice with some green palettes. 

If your patio furniture features an upholstery fabric with the ever-popular palm tree pattern, then “Cosmic Copper” will pick up the browns and complement the design nicely.

If you’re looking for a neutral that takes your green theme a step beyond nature, “Diamond Starlight Reflective” will add a little sophistication.

Meridian Blue” is a cobalt blue and makes for a great accent color with medium to bright green themes.

GO TEAM! We have quite a few customers who create fire features using the colors of their alma mater or favorite sports team.

Gold Theme

Potential Accent Color:

Sunstorm Gold” is an understated gold. It has a bit of sparkle, but it will not overwhelm its surroundings with a glitzy feel that would be out of place in a fire pit or fireplace. So, this subtle gold color could work nicely in a monochromatic gold design. 

Neptune Blue” is a medium blue that would likely pair nicely with light to medium gold designs.

The boldness of “Meridian Blue” makes a great companion to a design steeped in deep golds and gold metallic accents.

Teal or Turquoise Theme

Potential Accent Color:

Teal is a combination of blue and green, so depending on the balance of those two colors within the color you are working with, you may find a complementary color in any of the above. 

Sunstorm Gold” may also be a good choice if there are touches of gold or warm teals in your color palette. 

What is the Prettiest Color for Fire Glass?

Again, this is really subjective, but a quick poll of the Celestial Fire Glass team yields the following results:

  1. Diamond Starlight Reflective is our choice for the prettiest color.  With its silvery sheen, it’s neutral with a lot of class.
  2. Meridian Blue comes in second. There is something magnetizing about cobalt blue and that transfers to fire glass, as well.
  3. Dark Matter Black with its deep, dark depths is a brooding and powerful choice. And because it pairs so well with other colors, it’s a fan favorite.
  4. Diamond Starlight Clear is simply exquisite. It sparkles like diamonds. What else is there to say?

What is the Most Popular Fire Glass Color?

We get the most orders for “Meridian Blue” with “Diamond Starlight Reflective” coming in at number two.

Reflective vs Non-Reflective Fire Glass

Reflective fire glass is much more popular than non-reflective fire glass.  The mirrored backing on the reflective fire glass gives it sparkle and adds depth.  

Non-reflective fire glass doesn’t have a reflective coating on the back. And while it doesn’t have the same degree of sparkle, a lack of reflective backing means the purity of color appears front and center.

Fire Glass Color Combinations

Combining fire glass is fun and can be a creative outlet.  Using more than one color adds complexity and texture to your fire glass design. But beware, it may also prolong your decision time. There are so many great combinations—it gives you even more options to ponder!

Popular Color Combinations

Based on sales and customer comments, these are the most popular combinations:

Cosmic Copper” and “Dark Matter Black

Meridian Blue” and “Dark Matter Black

Diamond Starlight Reflective” and “Dark Matter Black

Actually, just about anything paired with black is a hit!

Fire Glass Color Ideas

The following ideas represent a general rule-of-thumb and can be a helpful guide when it comes to choosing fire glass colors.

  • Blue fire glass will look good in most gas fire pits.  It’s symbolic of water, and that makes it a safe choice.
  • “Diamond Starlight Clear,” reads like a finely-tailored classic, while “Diamond Starlight Reflective” adds a bit of “jewelry” to that look.
  • Copper-colored fire glass is at home in outdoor areas, especially those with a lot of trees.  
  • Our black fire glass, boasting a combination of rich color and reflective coating, has the ability to pop on its own or bring out the best in its partners. It’s truly a workhorse in the world of fire glass.

Too Many Great Choices?

Contact us. We can help you narrow down the choices and point you to other people’s projects so you can see what your options might look like in a real-world application. We can also help you answer the question, “how much fire glass do I need?“.

And remember, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. All that matters is the choice that appeals to you.

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