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A Must-See “Triple-Threat” Fire Pit Design by Gill Landscaping

What’s better than a fire feature on your back patio? A fire feature that’s accented by shimmering glass, gently trickling waterfalls, and gorgeous custom stonework.

This description sums up a recent project completed by Gill Landscape Contracting of Moon Township, Pennsylvania. With a gas fire pit centerpiece and lighted water feature, this outdoor space is the ultimate destination for entertaining guests or for kicking back and relaxing on a quiet summer (or even winter) night.

Fire Glass Details

The designer on this residential project created a custom blend out of three distinct colors of fireplace glass:

Using several contrasting shades instead of one adds visually compelling texture and depth that’s further enhanced by the fire. The copper, diamond, and black colors seem to spring to shimmering life beneath the flames! Gill Landscaping used R.I. Lampus Rosetta Dimensional blocks in a charcoal color to create the fire pit and retaining wall / water feature — it’s a wise choice that really sets off the fire pit glass.

Why Was Tempered Fire Pit Glass Chosen?

Tempered fire glass was selected for this project because it’s both beautiful and practical. Here are few of its key benefits:

  • Extreme durability: While regular glass would crack, pop, and melt under the flames, tempered fire pit glass is specially engineered to withstand searing temperatures. It won’t disintegrate — even over time.
  • Cleaning-burning nature: Tempered fireplace glass doesn’t produce harmful, smelly smoke or fumes and won’t result in the ash or soot that occurs when you’re burning wood. That means you can use it around your family (including small children) with complete peace of mind.
  • Exceptional glimmer: Like all Celestial Tempered Fire glass, the glass used in this project is not tumbled; instead, it underwent a special process that removes the small sharp pieces of glass through a gentle sifting process. This leaves you with fire glass with a highly reflective surface. This glass also features a mirror backing on every piece, which amplifies the glitz.
Triple Threat Gas Fire Pit

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