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Outdoor Gas Fireplace by Gill Landscaping

A gas-powered fireplace can easily transform your plain, run-of-the-mill patio into your home’s star attraction. In the spring, summer, and fall, your patio sets the perfect stage for entertaining friends or just relaxing with the family after a long day. In this project by Gill Landscaping, shimmery fire glass and custom stonework combine to produce jaw-dropping beauty in this outdoor gas fireplace.

Fire glass is a high-impact yet no-fuss media that’s beautiful, safe, and incredibly practical. You’ll be astounded at the way it adds personality your fire feature and creates a whole new look!

About the Fire glass Used in This Residential Project

The designer chose two distinct shades of fire pit glass for the project:

Dark Matter Black Reflective Glass

Our Dark Matter Black tempered fireplace glass is made by shattering a large sheet of colored, tempered glass. The pieces are then put through a special vibration machine to remove sharp edges without dulling the shiny surface. A mirrored coating on the glass is added to power up the shine factor even more. The result is highly reflective onyx glass pieces that shimmer and glimmer like stars against a black velvet sky.

Diamond Starlight Tempered Glass

Celestial Fire’s Diamond Starlight tempered fire glass is completely colorless, resembling crushed diamonds. Customers love the way it sparkles in the sunlight or in the glow of the dancing flames. Like the Dark Matter Black fire glass, this type is made of premium, high-strength glass that’s been specially processed to remove sharp edges while retaining its smooth and reflective surface.

TIP: Combining two different sizes of fire glass — ½” and ¼” — adds extra texture and visual interest. You can also blend as many colors as you want to complement your unique fire feature or pick up colors in the surrounding décor.

No matter which shades you select for your own outdoor gas fireplace project, you can be confident you’ve made the right media choice. Fireglass is extraordinarily durable — lasting for countless fires without melting, cracking, or losing its color. Plus, it produces no toxic fumes or odors, so it’s safe to use around those you love.

Celestial Fireplace
Celestial Fireplace
Celestial Fireplace
Celestial Fireplace
Celestial Fireplace

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