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How to Add Fire Glass to Your Gas Fireplace

Can I Add Fire Glass to My Gas Fireplace?

Yes! If you currently have lava rocks in your fireplace; you can replace them and add fire glass to your gas fireplace instead.

The answer is no if you have the “burning embers” feature.  The burning embers look is achieved by running gas through a porous, non-combustible material (usually vermiculite). This treatment allows gas to burn within the material—creating the appearance of small, glowing flames.  

This material cannot be replaced with fire glass. The gas that is normally directed at the vermiculite will not burn properly if the glass is substituted.  Even if it burned safely, it would not give you the burning embers look.

Can I Use Fire Glass with Gas Logs?

Yes, as long as you don’t have the burning embers feature in your fireplace (see the previous section).  The fire glass can be used beneath the gas logs to add beauty to the floor of your fireplace.

How Much Fire Glass do I Need?

Use our fire glass calculator to determine how much fire glass you need to buy for your gas fireplace.  Measure the width and length of the area you want to cover. Plan on layering it about 1-inch deep.  We find that people tend to overestimate how much they’ll need. So, we recommend you purchase less fire glass than you think you need. It’s easy to add another jar later if needed.

What Color Fire Glass Should I Use in My Fireplace?

Celestial Diamond Starlight Clear is by far the best choice.  It is a crystal clear, high-end fire glass that has a white look (in the way that diamonds have a white look).  The “white” color gives the fireplace an upscale look and lightens the fireplace area.

Alternatively, if you want a dark color, Celestial’s “Dark Matter Black” is a very good choice.  It is a rich, black that adds a sophisticated look to your fireplace without drawing too much attention.

To learn more about fire glass color choices, see our article; “What Color Fire Glass Should I Use?”.

How to Place Fire Glass in My Fireplace

If you have lava rocks, remove them first. Sweep up any debris before continuing. Add fire glass to the area where the lava rocks were. 

If you didn’t have lava rocks, you can spread the fire glass along the floor of your fireplace.   Most people like to cover the entire floor starting low at the front and sides, then building up to a higher mound toward the back and along the center.  This gives it more depth and shows the glass nicely.

If you have a gas fireplace designed to use fire glass or lava rocks in place of logs you can simply place the fire glass over the burner.  This type of fireplace will have a burner that sits on the bottom of your fireplace and is designed to be covered by fire glass.

We always recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your gas fireplace to get their recommendations for the proper placement of fire glass in that specific model gas fireplace.

Fire Glass Quality Matters

Whether you’re replacing lava rocks for a fresh, modern look in your fireplace or simply adding a little pizazz to your gas logs, Celestial Fire Glass is a perfect choice. 

There are plenty of color choices to match any décor and the quality shines through. Unlike an outdoor fire pit, where fire glass is often viewed at night, fire glass in an indoor fireplace is on display at all hours of the day and night. Quality matters and you’ll find it at Celestial Fire Glass.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products or if you would like a little help determining your fire glass needs. We’re here to help!

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